Series ITRE


• For electronic cam.
• Low starting torque less than 2 Nm.
• Possibility to modify the open area of the application
changing the disk.
• Linear relation capacity-pressure.
• Possibility to link together one actuator with oil.
regulator and butterfly gas valve (for mixed burner).

The regulator can be used in two different configurations: SPILLBACK and METERING. Inside the regulator is installed a disk-plate with progressive opening, the rotation of the regulator shaft varies the quantity of oil which passes through it.
The internal disk-plate is divided in two different calibrated open areas which allow to obtain the desired capacity range. Opening the regulator and rotating the disk plate of 180° it is possible to change the requested capacity range.
The regulator is provided in the following configuration: ITRE 1 with disk plate 1 and open area 1 or ITRE 2 with disk 2 and open area 3. The disk-plates are interchangeable and can be rotated or substituted even after the installation.

On request: it is possible to manufacture special disks with customized open areas.

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